Dark Horse ‘May the 4th be with you’ Sale

Dark Horse Comics is offering up  2 “MegaBundles" for the Jedi holiday. One MegaBundle is for devout comics readers, and the other is for the younger Star Wars fan in all of us.

The Comic MegaBundle ($100)

Time to celebrate Star Wars! And what better way to do that then with the ultimate digital comic collection!? Get over 3,000 pages of Star Wars comic’s goodness right at your fingertips. This bundle includes some of our most popular Star Wars series, such as Knights of the Old Republic, Blood Ties, Empire, and Dark Times, as well as some of our newest series, such as Dawn of the Jedi, Agent of the Empire, and our smash hit series, Star Wars, written by comics legend Brian Wood.The Comic MegaBundle is priced at 60% off regular list price of $393.72.

The Kids’ MegaBundle ($30)

The Kids’ MegaBundle provides over one thousand pages of Star Wars Adventures and The Clone Wars. Hours of summer entertainment for your little Star Wars fan. Get a stack of Star Wars: Adventures, digital novellas created specifically for younger readers but with an appeal for Star Wars fans of any age! Plus get a grip of The Clone Wars graphic novels with tie-ins to the television series. It’s hours of summer entertainment for your little Star Wars fan! This bundle is also priced at 60% off the regular price of $102.84.

Bonus: Each MegaBundle comes with an exclusive two-page digital preview of the highly anticipated comics adaptation of The Star Wars, George Lucas’s original-draft screenplay. Written three years before the 1977 film, this first vision of the galaxy far, far away introduces us to Jedi Annakin Starkiller and General Luke Skywalker, as well as a six-foot alien named Han Solo. It’s a tale of fantastic adventures, daring escapes, “laser swords,” and monsters, and is sure to read like no Star Wars you’ve known before!


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